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NKC scans the political and macroeconomic conditions of 29 African countries and is able to measure country risk in detail. Our core expertise is our understanding of the continent’s opportunities and pitfalls due to our ability to weigh political and macroeconomic risk.

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Latest Analysis

  • Tanzania - Price inflation slightly up in April

    According to the most recent figures from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Tanzania’s consumer price inflation rate increased slightly in April, but remains at multi-year lows. The consumer pr...

  • South Africa - The 'new' DA could be good news in the long term

    At the weekend, a young black man was elected to lead the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA). His election may have an important long-term impact on a South African political environment dominated by...

  • Gabon - Fitch downgrades sovereign credit rating

    Fitch Ratings lowered the sovereign credit rating for Gabon on May 8, on account of the significant economic impact brought on by the slump in the international oil price since mid-2014. Fitch lowered...

  • Rwanda - Inflation remains stable in April

    According to figures released by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR), price inflation has maintained recent stability in April. The urban consumer price index (CPI) inflation rate (t...

  • Egypt - Sinai Bedouins ally with Cairo against militants

    The Sinai Tribal Federation, a group of 30 clans in the Sinai, has pledged to work with the government against insurgents. The Federation announced on Sunday, May 10, that it would work “in co-ordinat...

  • Mozambique - Inflation falls in April

    The Instituto Nacional de Estatistica (INE) released April’s consumer price index (CPI) data on Friday, May 8. CPI inflation was recorded at 1.98% y-o-y in April, compared to 3.11% y-o-y in the previo...

  • Egypt - Access to forex improves on the back of GCC aid

    Egypt’s foreign exchange reserves have risen to its highest level since 2011 on the back of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries depositing $6bn at the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). According to th...

  • Zimbabwe - Smoke and mirrors in Zimbabwe’s economic house of cards

    Well-placed and well-timed leaks of a possible cabinet reshuffle have an economic motive. These leaks came ahead of a crucial begging-bowl gathering in Harare, where the country officially requested W...

  • DRC - Gold output continues to rise

    The Banque Centrale du Congo (BCC, the central bank) published its most recent statistical bulletin on May 8. The central bank’s figures suggest that gold output has continued to trend sharply higher...

  • Algeria - Heavy corruption sentences in freeway scandal

    On Thursday, May 7, the Algiers Criminal Court handed down heavy sentences to the main figures involved in the East-West Freeway scandal. Chani Medjdoub, a dealmaker, was sentenced to 10 years in jail...

  • Kenya - Policy rate maintained

    In a widely expected move, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) again decided to maintain the country’s benchmark interest rate at its meeting on May 6. In the first...

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NKC African Economics is majority owned by Oxford Economics, the world’s foremost independent global advisory firm. NKC clients have access to the same insights and analysis that they trust and rely on, that is now backed by Oxford Economics’ powerful models and analytical framework.

The addition of NKC’s team of economists and political analysts to the Oxford Economics group of companies significantly enhances Oxford Economics’ ability to directly address the needs of investors and companies engaged in Africa expansion through the provision of event-driven alerts, regular newsletters, and reports.

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